Professional Development – Ukulele Teacher Training

We offer Professional Development programs for Classroom Music teachers and Classroom Teachers.  There are so many contemporary songs that lend themselves to the ukulele.  Let us show you how we can assist you to get those class sets of ukuleles out of the cupboard and into the hands of your students, transpose songs, teach your students simple tricks which make a world of difference to their enjoyment and engagement in music lessons – and lead to playing music outside of school.  We can show you how to teach a whole classroom of kids to play the ukulele in just one lesson – and so much more across the year.

Classroom teachers know how useful it is being able to play a guitar in the classroom, and this is even truer with ukuleles.  They make everyone feel happier, lighter, more settled.  There are thousands of songs you can play with 2 or 3 chords on a ukulele.  Lots of schools now have class sets of ukuleles, but often they sit in a cupboard.  Our workshops will have you playing, transposing, and even making up your own songs with your class in no time.  Instrumental music teachers can also access our PD Ukulele Teacher Training. 


To find out how to get started, simply fill in our online form and one of our friendly staff will contact you shortly.