The National Curriculum has identified Instrumental Music education as a high priority for our schools and children, however schools and their Leadership teams are stretched in so many directions it is hard to offer their students and families enough music education, particularly instrumental music.  Our program is a highly accessible, high quality private program for which parents pay a relatively low fee direct to Uke4Kids.

As you are no doubt aware, the benefits to neurological development inherent in playing a musical instrument, reading notation and singing – all three are vital – are now well documented, and are particularly profound before the age of seven.  Unfortunately for many children the cost of lessons, and the instrument itself, means they do not have access to these benefits.  Our program offers all three.

The ukulele in particular creates wonderful endorphines and serotonin which support learning across the entire school curriculum – it really is happiness in a little box with four strings.

We offer our Host Schools:

  • Accessible high quality instrumental music education
  • Enrichment of the life and colour of the school community
  • Parent satisfaction – Many parents are aware of the ukulele and would like it offered in the school’s instrumental program
  • Minimal disruption to normal classes
  • All enrolments, timetabling and communication with parents is administered by The Uke Group
  • A cost free addition to the regular school curriculum
  • A fee to the school as agreed
  • Support of the curriculum through the enhancement of numeracy and literacy skills, and the social and emotional engagement of students
  • Engagement of a diversity of students and the provision of a further outlet for creative kids
  • Incursion about the History of the Ukulele
  • Professional Development session for all staff about how to play the ukulele – really great for classroom teachers
  • Parent workshops about playing the ukulele which helps them help their child with playing at home, as well as an extra family skill



Our program costs the Host School (HS) nothing except for a small physical space and some flexibility from teaching staff in allowing students to leave the classroom for their music lesson.

The Ukulele is ideal for younger students – our program is specifically created for students from Prep to Grade 6, in contrast to most instrumental programs which do not begin until the students are in grade 2 or 3.

Using the ukulele creates accessibility on many levels – its size, number of strings, cost of a student model and portability.

The Uke4Kids program adds to the life and colour of the school community and diversity of instrumental choice – we support school functions, fundraisers, markets, special events.

Our experience in teaching instrumental music to children for over 15 years, using a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard and drums, has highly informed the development of the Uke4Kids program.  We think the ukulele is simply the best introductory instrument, and it can lead onto being a specialist instrument in its own right.

Our approach utilises songs written by our students and teachers, which are age appropriate, and that kids love to play.  Contemporary age appropriate songs are also used as teaching material.

Students are encouraged to write their own songs, and are exposed to composition and increasingly complex rhythms, arrangements and strumming patterns.

Our teachers are available for progress reports regarding a student if a parent requests.

We normally run our program in school hours, but also offer after school classes in addition to in school classes or as an alternative.

We hold an end of year concert at all our schools.  Some are in conjunction with the school’s own concerts or soirees, others are for our students only – it depends on the culture of the school.

Our program is constantly being upgraded to reflect new knowledge via research and the input from our teachers’ and students’ experience.

Our teachers use up to date teaching and classroom management techniques.

The mechanics

  • Our classes have 3-6 students, run for half an hour, and avoid all specialist classes and literacy blocks as requested by our host schools
  • We teach for 38 weeks a year
  • We look after all enrolments, time tabling and financial management, resulting in minimum impact on your school’s resources.  We are happy to work with our schools to suit their preferences
  • We are highly ethical in our interactions with all our stakeholders
  • All our teachers have WWCC and their own Public Liability insurance, and we hold intensive Professional Development teacher training programs every year
  • Our teachers follow all OH&S requirements of our host schools, and work within our host schools culture


To find out more about getting a Uke4Kids program started at your school, please contact us.