Mother and baby at ukulele workshop

Mum with kids at a Uke4Kids workshop run as part of Darebin Music Feast 2013

As a parent you naturally want the best for your kids.  There are endless activities on offer for kids that enhance, support and provide for a diversity of interests.  Resources are often in short supply, whether that is time, money or knowledge.  How do you decide where and what to choose?

The Uke4Kids Ukulele Music School is well aware of families and the many demands they experience – our Directors are parents too, and they get it.  At Uke4Kids we feel very privileged when families choose to enrol their kids in our program, and work with our parents to ensure the needs of each child are met.

The Uke4Kids program makes success in instrumental music fun and achievable for all kids.

If you would like to enrol your child or find out more, please contact us.