History of the UFO

It was nearing the end of 2011.  We knew the Melbourne Ukulele Festival was coming up early in 2012 – and for some time there had been a dream hatching to create an orchestra. A UKULELE orchestra.  We had some very enthusiastic students at various schools who were advancing well.  We could invite the most enthusiastic students from each school to rehearse and perform a set of songs at The Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2012.  So we did.  The Uke4Kids Orchestra had a great time rehearsing and performed a wonderfully entertaining set at the festival to a rapt audience of about 150 people.  We tossed around ideas of continuing, and having a sort of master class, but life got busy and the ideas lapsed.

Cut to late 2012 and again next year’s MUF was looming.  Light bulb moment! We could invite the same kids to do the same thing but in an ongoing way.  We could also invite enthusiastic parents to join.

And so The Uke4Kids Family Orchestra (The UFO for short) was born.  It has been absolutely think-of-lots-of-superlatives wonderful.  For everyone.  Kids, parents, audiences, festival coordinators – and us.

The UFO has amassed a large eclectic repertoire of songs (including some original material) and performed not only at ukulele festivals but at many other events over the past two years.  We are now a sought after item for festivals and community events.  And for good reason.  The kids are great – and it really is mostly about the kids.