Why Ukulele?

  • The Ukulele is  more accessible in so many ways than any other instrument

    Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2012

  • Learning an instrument, reading music and singing at the same time has many benefits including increased brain development in the areas of literacy and numeracy, especially in kids under 7
  • The accessibility of the ukulele means that these benefits are available to many more kids
  • The ukulele beats guitar and piano hands down for young students – much easier for smaller bodies
  • It’s a pain free listening experience for parents.  It’s hard to make a uke sound bad
  • It’s very cool – lots of contemporary artists are now playing the ukulele
  • The range of styles that can be played on a ukulele is limitless
  • Ukuleles are small, cheap and light; they fit in a school bag
  • Ukulele leads easily to other string and fretted instruments
  • Ukes come in lots of colours and patterns. Or decorate your own. Or get a DIY kit to buildand decorate your own