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The Uke4Kids Ukulele Music School

At Uke4Kids we really care about instrumental music education for kids of all ages.

We have created one of the most accessible instrumental music programs ever, without sacrificing quality.

Uke4Kids today is the most innovative, exciting and accessible instrumental music program for Australian kids – and perhaps the world!  Over the past six years well over 1000 Melbourne primary school students have learned to play the ukulele through the Uke4Kids program.

Our wonderful young musicians’ experience and enjoyment in learning and playing music has been incredibly rewarding to see.  Many of our students have gone on to learn guitar and other instruments, lots of our students continue with ukulele into the older grades, and some continue with uke while learning other instruments.  Feedback from our parents is that the grounding and confidence our students have gained through our program has been of immense benefit to learning the more complex instruments.

Uke4Kids has been teaching Melbourne children how to play the ukulele since 2008.  We have grown from a “this sounds like something we could do – let’s give it a crack” idea one hot December night to a fully-fledged, professionally run business that now employs teachers and behind the scenes support from a real office in Alphington.  Props to Dean Denham of the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective – M.U.K. – for the late night suggestion and continued support over the years – check out M.U.K. – they are great!

The Uke4Kids program makes success in instrumental music fun and achievable for all kids.  Our program quickly engages students with its contemporary style and content while providing a sound theoretical basis for a high quality instrumental music education.

Accessibility is one of the cornerstones of our program and it runs right across every aspect of our program. The cost of ukes and lessons, our teaching style, the content of the program, the way theory is taught and how often, and when and where we hold lessons.  One of the most important concerns for many families is price – our program also makes music lessons more affordable for families.  Our small group lessons mean the cost is spread and so is more affordable.  We also take pride in offering substantial discounts for concession card holders, multiple family enrolments, and a Scholarship Program.

Uke4Kids runs ukulele lessons in primary schools and other venues all over Melbourne.