The Program

We have created an instrumental music program that is accessible for all primary school children, not just for kids in grades 3 and up, or kids who can easily navigate traditional teaching methods of instrumental music, or kids whose parents can afford the high cost of most instruments and lessons. Uke4Kids is for ALL students.

Here’s a quote from James Hazelden, songwriter and performer with comedic Melbourne rock band “Man Bites God”:

“Most children don’t want to play music, they want to play songs. The ukulele allows them to become tiny troubadours – they can learn songs off the radio and play them and sing them and they will be recognisable. Or they can write their own songs and play them. This is very empowering.”

James also says: “I cannot speak highly enough of the Uke4Kids program, which goes out to schools to teach ukulele to groups of primary school students. If it had been around in my time I would have cheerfully thrown my recorder in the bin and begged my parents to allow me to play the ukulele instead.”

This answers a lot of the questions about “Why ukulele?” and “Why Uke4Kids?”:

Deconstructing and revolutionising the way instrumental music is taught has meant that so many more kids have been exposed to the huge benefits of learning to play an instrument than otherwise would have.

It works for kids. It slowly and gently introduces music theory and notation, all the while engaging their creativity, natural enthusiasm and enjoyment of mastering new stuff.  It’s fun.  It is also seriously good instrumental music teaching.

Here’s the deal:

  • 30 minute weekly lessons during the school term
  • Lessons held at school during school time or after school
  • Lessons also held at other community locations
  • Groups of 3-6 students
  • Student groups are based on age, ability level and school timetable
  • Low fees and even lower concession rates
  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • Book with play-along CD included
  • Option to buy equipment when enrolling
  • Private lessons available