About Us

We are a family owned and operated small business whose mission is bringing the joy of instrumental music playing to hundreds of people every week.

We love what we do, and we love our families and students.

Our values of Accessibility, Quality, Respect and Diversity are central to our ethos and culture.

And Fun – fun is so important because when we are having fun all the good stuff such as wellbeing, physical health, acceptance of difference in others and creativity increases dramatically and we learn so much more easily.

We work on the model of continual and never ending improvement.

While we are based in Alphington in Melbourne, we are global in thinking and approach and vision.

Our mission is to get a musical instrument in the hands of every human being possible – and we think the ukulele is simply perfect for the job description. It is inherently joyous and accessible.

We are not just business partners but wife and husband.  We are mum and dad to an enormous extended family. We understand what it is to be a parent, to have a zillion commitments, to have uncertainty of income and health, to want the best for our children, to have experienced knock backs and difficulty – and to have had a hand up and how important this is.  This real life experience is the wellspring of our customer service policies and scholarship program.

We have had quite a ride over the past 6 years, creating and  refining this amazing program we now offer. Phew – talk about learning curves……. It’s been so exciting seeing what was a little uke teaching idea blossom into the juicy diverse program that is The Uke Group today.

we have many more projects simmering away, so watch this space!

We bring all of this experience and much, more to The Uke Group and Uke4Kids, and the way we work together with our clients to create the very best instrumental program we can.

Feedback is always valued, so feel welcome to drop us a line.

Happy Uking!

Yanai Morris and Dassana

Directors,  The Uke Group & Uke4Kids