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We help kids explore music, develop their own relationship to music, write their own songs, and express themselves through playing and singing.  Excellent technique and theory are integral to our program Find Out More.

We are Innovative Music Educators

Uke4Kids is about deconstructing and revolutionising instrumental music education, and we think we have created one of the most accessible instrumental music programs ever, without sacrificing quality.  Find Out More

We teach exclusively using the Ukulele

The ukulele has many benefits for children and families over other instruments, including portability, affordability, versatility and sociability.  Find out more

We teach instrumental music

Jump into our website, have a look around, see what’s on offer – and give us a call if you cannot find what you are looking for. We can’t possibly put everything we do on here – we love working with our schools and parents to find the best solutions.

Most children don’t want to play music, they want to play songs. The ukulele allows them to become tiny troubadours – they can learn songs off the radio and play them and sing them and they will be recognisable. Or they can write their own songs and play them. This is very empowering.

James Hazelden
Songwriter and performer with comedic Melbourne rock band Man Bites God


Uke4Kids Family Orchestra

The most enthusiastic Uke4Kids students (and some of their enthusiastic parents) get together weekly to take music-making to new heights.  This long term collaboration has produced many enjoyable live performances, recordings and other fun experiences of which we are immensely proud.



Children learn faster and retain more through the experience of learning music. The ukulele is the perfect instrument to introduce music into your childrens’ lives. It is fun, affordable and fits in their schoolbag.



Include Uke4Kids classes in your school activities as a fun way of helping students improve learning, retention and self esteem.


Music Teachers

Uke4Kids offers a range of lessons and structure to ensure your students are learning and progressing.